How We Help

Private Video Sessions

No awkward car drives, no rushing to get ready, and no bumping into the last person you wanted to see. Our video sessions are completely confidential! Video chat with your coach whenever and wherever you’re comfortable.

Confidential Journals

Not feeling so talkative? Write it out in your confidential journal. What’s written on Blush stays on Blush, which means you don’t have to worry about friends or family snooping through your diary! Plus you can look forward to a thoughtful response from your coach.

Affordable Memberships

Blush makes coaching affordable for every girl! Join a membership plan and reap the full benefits of coaching at a fraction of the cost. Mix and match journal entries and
video chats with your monthly credits and experience the rewards of life coaching without compromising your livelihood.

Fun Stuff

Blush wants coaching to be fun! Need some inspiration? Check out our Spotify playlist “Blush Beats” for songs that we love, follow us on Instagram (@joinblush) for fun pictures, or browse through our blog for tips, advice, girl talk and laughs on laughs.

Subscription Plans

Blush Journal = 1 credit Video Session = 2 credits

The Touch-up

4 credits per month

The Essentials

8 credits per month

The Makeover

16 credits per month


Join Blush by choosing one of our three affordable membership plans. The more you use Blush, the more you save and the more you receive. Not ready for a subscription plan? No problem, simply buy non-member credits and pay as you go.

Video Session


Journal Entry


About the Service

Online coaching at the tip of your fingers! Start becoming the person you want to be.

Why Blush

Talk to someone who gets it. All of the Blush coaches have their Master’s in counseling but aren’t old enough to be your mom. Whether you’re 13 or 30, Blush is here to help you deal with life’s normal but difficult issues. No matter if you need a touch up or a life makeover, you can relax, let it out, and start feeling better!

Popular topics include: Friends & Frenemies, Dating & Relationships, Quarter Life Crisis, Goal Setting, Body Image, Work-Life Balance, Job Limbo, Academic Pressure, and much more!

Coaching vs. Counseling


The difference between coaching and counseling is quite simple: counseling heals past wounds, and coaching ignites future growth. Blush is here to help you tackle your everyday issues while preparing for an eventful future! We help you set goals, prioritize, make decisions, and move forward.
Life’s crazy—you’re not.

Blush does not diagnose or provide counseling, crisis intervention, or hotline services.

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