How We Help

Private Video Sessions

Blush is the answer to your busy schedule. No traffic, no parking lots, and no schedule interruptions–our sessions are conducted online. Video chat with your coach whenever and wherever you’re comfortable (even if that means in your PJ’s).

Confidential Journals

Not feeling so talkative? Don’t have time to cram a session in before class? Write it out in your confidential journal. Blush Journals can be used as a touch up in between sessions, or a quick way to gain clarity while you’re on the fly. You write, your coach responds, and stress melts away.

Affordable Memberships

Blush makes coaching affordable for everyone. Join a membership plan and reap the full benefits of coaching at a fraction of the cost. Mix and match journal entries and
video chats with your monthly credits and experience the rewards of life coaching without compromising your livelihood.

Fun Stuff

Needing some musical inspiration? Check out our Spotify playlist “Blush Beats” for songs that we love! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@joinblush) for motivating quotes and pictures, and browse through our popular blog for advice, empowering pieces, career spotlights, and laughs on laughs.

Subscription Plans

Blush Journal = 1 credit Video Session = 2 credits

The Touch-up

4 credits per month

The Essentials

8 credits per month

The Makeover

16 credits per month


Join Blush by choosing one of our three affordable membership plans. The more you use Blush, the more you save and the more you receive. Not ready for a subscription plan? No problem, simply buy non-member credits and pay as you go.

Video Session


Journal Entry


About the Service

Online coaching at the tip of your fingers! Start becoming the person you want to be.

Why Life Coaching?

At Blush, life coaching is a solution-focused process that inspires girls to achieve their full potential. Think of it as a blend between counseling and mentoring! We work on solving any current concerns, preventing future issues, and then launch right into building effective and lasting life skills. Ditch the labels and diagnosis–you don’t need them! Blush prefers the the positive way of thinking.

Life’s crazy–you’re not.



Why Blush?

Join the future of coaching and counseling: we’re online, we’re affordable, and we’re for the girls.

Our Master’s Level coaches work with teens, 20 somethings, and 30 somethings from all over the world! We work in areas ranging from depressed moods and feeling “stuck” to applying for graduate programs and improving relationships. We’re fun and friendly, but we’re not afraid to ask the challenging questions.

If you’re ready to change your life, you’re ready for Blush.



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